IMG_2714Hello, my name is Whitney Bulloch I am a student at Brigham young university- Idaho and I am Marriage and Family studies major. A little about myself I am 20 years old, and I am engaged to my handsome fiancé David . He studies Biology here at BYUI and plans on being an Anesthetist or a Surgeon.  I am a huge cross country runner. Before I started running I was a dancer for 11 years, and I danced for the Baylor Holiday Bowl, ESPN, I danced with Adrien Lee from “So You Think You Can Dance” and I also danced a little with the Broadway leader Rockets up in New York. My favorite, is I also performed in Disneyland doing Shows. I had such a blast doing that. Once I hit college I got serious quit dance and jumped into my studies. I love dance but it’s not a job I would like to peruse. So I looked in Marriage and Family therapy and fell in love with it. Reasons for choosing to be a Marriage and Family Studies major, is because. I have many relatives that are getting divorced and it breaks my heart, and I would love to help rebuild marriages. Another reason why I am so interested in being a therapist is because, even I went to therapy in high school, I was so stressed that I took therapy sessions, and I loved them. As I observed my therapist she loved her job and I too love hearing other people. So it got me thinking. And well now here I am studying marriage and Family therapy.

My website is to uplift and inspire people looking for marriage and family advice.


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