Family Stress

Family Crisis
Family Crises Defined – Hill’s ABC->X Theory

Family stress comes in many forms.
There are normal stressors, such as getting married, adjusting to living in a new group, having babies, unemployment, and so on, which are experienced by most families from time to time. There are also abnormal stressors, such as famine, war, natural disasters, massive economic collapse, murder, assault, incest, and so on, which tend to occur in selected families, sometimes happening at random, sometimes happening to families with special weaknesses.

In any case, the individual can be prepared for these events by agents from all parts of our society, the most informative agent of which can be one’s own family. The effects of family crises of various kinds comes down to the recognition and management of stressful events in our lives.

A= Actual Event

B=Both resources + Application

C= Cognition, Crisis

Total  X= experience


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